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The very first picture that made it's short way around the internet

CynicalHema was an unsuccessful camwhore from /b/, previously known for his self-image of being that of a lonely, emo teenager with no friends. He was either trolled almost as quickly as he submitted his posts or ignored completely, leaving him to bump his own posts by himself. After finally giving up, he ran away to WTFux after one of it's first days of appearing on the internet. And after a few years of shelter there, he vanished off of the internet, but eventually returned, reincarnated as a new being with a complete lack of emo.


Early Pastimes

Frequently, Hema would enjoy trolling his favorite imageboards and chatrooms. Occasionally, when his trolling would result in a ban from 4chan, he would instant message W.T. Snacks and ask him to remove it. Oddly enough, he would. Along with his friend and fellow known troll, liljenny, he swept across other imageboards and chatrooms. He would also join in on trolling when someone else had already started. He was so addicted to trolling that he went so far as to creating multiple AIM screennames used only for trolling, and adding his victims to it's buddy lists so he can tell who has or hasn't been trolled by him yet.


Although with CynicalHema being his current primary nickname, he has also had many others. The list follows:

Name Forum/IRC Year/Age Active Other notes
Tuxedo_Star Age 9 - 11 First nickname; used on a Sailor Moon fansite
Team_Haggle-Tux TalkCity - #anime Age 12 - 13 Name used for an online group
Ruthless_Frieza MSN Groups Age 13 - 15 Used for a DragonBallZ forum-based RPG
Hema_Twin_Blade MSN Chat Age 15 - Current (WindowsLive) First appearance of 'Hema'
Hema IRC/4chan/WTFux Age 15 - Current Nickname most commonly referred by
Kuja IRC Age 16/17 Used for a short period of time
Sora IRC Age 16/17 Used for a short period of time
Steven Tyler Is Old 4chan Age 17 First name used on 4chan
Hematic WTFux/Last.FM Age 18 A FAIL at a new twist of his base nickname
Hematik WTFux/Youtube Age 18 - 19 A second FAIL
SaintRJ AnonIB Late '08/Early '09 Used to keep himself from being linked back to his main nickname

If it weren't for his constant dissatisfaction with his nicknames, maybe then he would be easily remembered.

Personal Life

Lame icon of the present CynicalHema used with every website with the option of a display picture

Obsolete, no one cares, etc.

He doesn't troll anymore or camwhore as much. He can be found on almost any social networking site, even if he isn't active on them. He blogs occasionally but they aren't the same as his past rants and raves that were on his Myspace.


Hema likes to play Final Fantasy XI and Animal Crossing: City Folk.




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