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Fucking vile.

Libertine was a regular member of the chanchan IRC channel, and also possibly the biggest poster on the boards. He tended to be either the first, or thereabouts, person to comment on a new girl's pictures. He had a habit to comment on several individual pictures at once, much to the chagrin of the other posters. He also seemed to favour younger chanchan posters.

He almost constantly talked about his fetishes, which included blood, gore, more blood, chubbies, fatties, bears, etc, etc.

in b4 lib

Due to the sheer number of his responses to a camgirl's photo, added with the speed of his response, "in b4 lib" became a meme on the boards for whenever a poster was able to get a message in a new camgirl's thread before Libertine.


  • Alias: Libertine, Swedish Libertarian, Ephebobear, Humbert, Caine!yic3WjvhyE
  • DOB: 30+ years
  • Location: Sweden

Relationship with other chanchaners

Obviously, he was friendly with numerous -chans, all of which were younger than him, although considering he was just under 30 years old, it would be hard to be the same age or older than him.

These included Curly-chan, Raichu, Up-chan, Meow Mix, Reich-chan, etc. Amusingly, he would always fully immerse himself in the fandom that the girl he was currently grooming enjoyed, for instance, his sudden obsession with Pokemon while trying to get Raichu to fall in love with him.

One noteworthy mention belongs to Sharpie-chan, who he worshipped. It's disputed as to if she lied about her age herself, or if Libertine told her to do it (she claims to be 19, however her MySpace account showed 16).

He considered one of the old global mods Keiri to be a threat to him. Keiri has pointed out that even though she is the one who vocalises her disgust for him, global mod Nico is actually the one who should get the credit for any actions taken against him.

His friendship with Raichu was supposedly ended when Raichu found what Nico was saying to be true. In reality they continued their relationship for a long time afterwards. At some point near the mid-end of summer their relationship seemed to become volatile with Libertine stalking Raichu on her chanchan imageboard. Libertine would also constantly start massive threads of Raichu's pictures, posting all that he could as fast as he could, on every imageboard site he used (mostly 12chan and other smaller, pedophile filled, boards). The current status of their relationship is unknown.

Paedophilia Controversy

It was a commonly known fact that Libertine was attracted to jailbait, as he called it, however, the majority of the channel suspected a little more to this. Certain people did accuse him of being a paedophile, however, the girls he praised constantly were quick to jump to his defence. There was not particulary any proof other than the constant grooming of girls who came to Stickam, and the constant comments about girls who looked underage.

On 7th February, 2007, Nico downloaded a video of the camwhore Sharpie-chan, recorded by Libertine previously. She did this to see exactly how revolting the video would be. As she skimmed through it, to avoid the full extent of the horror, she found that Libertine opened a file folder at approximatly 14:28 into the video, Nico paused, and wrote down the list of files, which were as follows:

  • Sharpie-chan.rar
  • (Ptsc) Young Video Models - Best Of Ver???
  • Ptsc - Kasey (Videoed Asleep).avi
  • Kinderficker Pthc Ptsc Hussyfan My Step???
  • Video-2000 V-27 - Eugenia B (14y) [PTS???
  • Angelfuns Pink-teens -pink03.avi
  • (Ptsc) Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Hussyf???
  • Lia_model_Journal 60.rar

Note that ??? at the end of the file name means it was not fully visible.

Using Urban Dictionary, she found that Hussyfan was a filesharer's code for Kiddy porn, whereas Ptsc/hc meant Preteen Softcore/Hardcore respectively.

Later that evening, Nico confronted Libertine with these file names in the IRC channel, in front of everybody who was active at the time.

(The following log has had unnecessary parts removed.)

<Nico> Hey, Libertine, do the following filenames mean anything to you?
<Libertine> Hi Raichu
<Nico> Sharpie-chan.rar
<Nico> (Ptsc) Young Video Models - Best Of Ver???
<Nico> Ptsc - Kasey (Videoed Asleep).avi
<Nico> Kinderficker Pthc Ptsc Hussyfan My Step???
<Nico> Video-2000 V-27 - Eugenia B (14y) [PTS???
<Nico> Angelfuns Pink-teens -pink03.avi
<Nico> (Ptsc) Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Hussyf???
<Nico> Lia_model_Journal 60.rar
<RabbiLuongo> ......llolololo
<RabbiLuongo> what
<Raichu> Huh, what does that mean Lib?
<Christi> He's not responding, lol.
<Libertine> What?
<RabbiLuongo> hahaha
<Raichu> Pink teens
<Raichu> wtf thats sick
<Christi> You have four minutes.
<Christi> Nah, fuck that.
*** Christi sets mode +b on !
*** Libertine has been kicked by Christi (Christi)
<RabbiLuongo> AHAHAHAHA
*** King_John sets mode +b on !
*** Christi has been kicked by King_John (Ciao!)
<RabbiLuongo> oh lawd
<RabbiLuongo> someone call agent smith
<RabbiLuongo> tell him to start the van
*** King_John sets mode -b on !
*** King_John sets mode -b on !
<Nico> Now, being the concerned citizen that I am, I did a little research. Turns out, Hussyfan is a
codeword for kiddy porn on filesharing networks, Ptsc means Preteen Softcore, and Pthc means
Preteen Hardcore.
*** Christi has joined #chanchan
*** ChanServ sets mode +o on Christi
<King_John> uh huh

Libertine did not return to the channel for a number of hours after Christi kicked him, however, approximatly two hours after being kicked, he contacted Raichu on MSN, saying:

"Yes, I did record that video. As I was doing so, a former "friend" from another forum sent me a rar-file and said I might like it. I unpacked the file, and that's what was in it, that's why the window is in the video. Needless to say, I deleted the files -and- blocked him from my MSN list. You can believe me or not, but I'm -not- a fucking pedophile."

Approximately another hour later, this was repeated in the IRC channel, however, it seems apparent that very few people, if any, believed him. This was also put on Sharpie-chan's board, in the thread (Sharpie-chan mentioned she liked CP in that thread) the video came from, where very few people believed him.

Libertine's Ban

Libertine had constantly courted being banned from chanchan, eventually, this came to a head, where nanaki decided to offer the IRC channel the chance to vote for Libertine to be banned.

Thankfully, sense prevailed, and Libertine was banned from the IRC channel.

The detailed account of this ballot is below.

01	y	pedophile
02	y	creepy
03	n	channel activity
04	y	creepy
05	y	annoying
06	y	pedophile
07	y	fat
08	y	pedophile
09	n	fairness
10	n	easy target
11	y	creepy
12	y	being a fag
13	y	obvious
14	n	no reason to ban
15	y	pedophile
16	y	pedophile

Libertine's Return

Around the last week of April 2009, Libertine appeared once more with a new e-girlfriend. This time the girl was Dotchan. Attempting to conceal his past history with chanchan, he was using the name Humbert, to keep from getting banned on sight.

He tried fairly hard, after he was discovered, to pretend he was not Libertine. After proof was posted (a link to this article) he admitted he was Libertine but tried to pretend, to the end, that he was not what this article, and every person he's dealt with, says he is.

In some of his posts he was pretending as though Dotchan wished he was actually a 40 year old pedophile, instead of a pedophile in his late 30s, as if that actually mattered to his being a pedophile.

He scared off Dotchan from posting with his pedophile power (threats and other emotional attacks) and continued to deny that he was a pedophile. These things, along with his starting to post his disgusting thoughts in other threads once more, got him re-banned from chanchan on 2009/05/05.

Known Contact Info

Be wary of people contacting you from this info:

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