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Massive liar

Note: The information provided here may or may not be factual - this is due to mulletchan's habitual compulsive lying. mulletchan is originally from Yellow Springs, Ohio, where she lived with her adoptive mother in a one story house.


  • Alias: mulletchan, Kimberly Van Ness, "Samara Matsumoto"
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • DOB: June 27, 1987


She was an active member of the early "irl" 4chan club, often seen at Otakon[1] wearing nothing but a spaghetti string bikini top and sweating profusely (the sweat later sold in box form on eBay). While attending the 2006 Otakon, mulletchan shared a bed with W.T. Snacks. Shortly after, there was large amounts of whispers on the /b/oards concerning whether or not the two had fornicated during their time in the same bed (wtg handjob). This is unlikely, though, because Snacks is a faggot.

After doing blow (and not much else), mulletchan moved to California to live with her biological father who lives in a boat.


  • Tells everyone she has cancer so they will like her and feel sorry for her.
  • She does not have any asian blood.
  • She is extremely hairy.
  • She is a pathological liar, who lies to cover up her somewhat boring life.
  • She does lots of drugs.
  • She loves drama


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