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Greek.Flag.Small.gif King_John is your master, the owner of chanchan, and your future.



King_John started using IRC back in 1997 when computers were awesome. At some point in early 2000 he gave himself the nickname kyrio.

King_John started out on #team_ea. After a few years he registered #team. The channel still stands with the original registration date in the topic no longer exists because ETG is dead.

King_John happened upon #excell, while looking for warez and laughs. There he met Ka|n, cys, and other important internet people. These are the people he would know for the next 10 years.

While on newnet he met nanaki who happened to have his own channel, #nanaki. After newnet started going downhill #nanaki changed networks. The network was operated by another close friend, this is where King_John made #chanchan to go with chanchan.

chanchan's channel moved multiple times through 4 networks, mostly back and forth between two of them. It currently resides on


King_John still has an 8 digit ICQ number (from 1997), though he would like a 6 digit one.


King_John holds the record for best score on Gridgame.

Modding and Overclocking

suicide6x; the greatest man alive


in no specific order


  • 2008: April 27th
  • 2009: April 19th
  • 2010: April 4th (same)
  • 2011: April 24th (same)
  • 2012: April 15th
  • 2013: May 5th
  • 2014: April 20th (same)
  • 2015: April 12th
  • 2016: May 1st
  • 2017: April 16th (same)
  • 2018: April 8th
  • 2019: April 28th
  • 2020: April 19th
  • 2021: May 2nd
  • 2022: April 24th
  • 2023: April 16th

Contact Info



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