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XFU took it kinda hard.

On February 1, 2009 at 4:35 GMT, the chanchan IRC channel became a lawless fuckhole after King_John removed ops from everyone in the channel, himself included. After that, it was business as usual, as nobody really gave a shit. There was a general sense of confusion for a while, as some former ops (read: J-kun and Pooru) seemingly refused to believe in their newly endowed powerlessness.

It has also been described as a "neutral meeting plateau."

What happened

The following are the events that took place, sans insignificant shit:

<King_John> so, when i disconnect
<King_John> no one will ever have ops again

<King_John> ok
<King_John> that's it for now


<belair> this channel is becoming a lawless fuckhole.

<J-kun> -k NotSoVibrant fuck you
<NotSoVibrant> no

<DocHolliday> what happened to all the ops and whatnot
<badfish> what?
<badfish> nothing
<DocHolliday> maybe my client is malfunctioning
<badfish> must be
<nynnie> possibly
<DocHolliday> liars

<Pooru> -k Psyphore
<Pooru> fuuuuuck

Homies Who Disagree

yo sign here if you disagree w/ these actions


On March 28, 2009 at 04:46 GMT, ops were restored. Richard Simmons, nd, and nd's mother were ecstatic.

Editor's Note

On a related note, -kb Sideburns is just as fun as -kb omnom ever was, since it is, effectively, the same thing.