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The contents of 4chan.

Founded: 2003-10-01
Founder: moot
BBS type: Imageboard
Software: Wakaba++

4chan, founded by moot; is a collection of English imageboards derived from the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel (2chan).

4chan is the original home to anonymous everywhere. Despite the splitting off and new factions like 7chan, 4chan is the place where all of this madness originated and where the magic started. Unfortunately, due to moot's ever constant dumbfuckery and the events surrounding it, 4chan is officially dead as of the start of 2015.


Exclamation that came from a famous eBay auction bid of a box of junk after the 4chan Panel of Otakon 2006 that ended on August 15th. Bidding on the box reached at $51,000,100, in which that the seller indicated that all money that was made from the auction would go to moot and 4chan.

4chan meme committee

A thread started where a user in /b/ pasted the line "Hey guys, I'm from the 4chan meme committee, this image attached to this thread is going to be popular pretty soon, so you better save it now" with a random picture. The entire thread was replies in a similar fashion.

4chan Party Van

First seen in a MS Paint comic. Anonymous answers his door after the person knocking claims it's the "4chan Party Van", but unfortunately it turns out to be the FBI, who proceed to exclaim "LOL J/K" and beat up Anonymous.

Don't mess with football

Don't mess with football is a meme originating from a press conference quote after an Anonymous posted a bomb threat on 4chan and was arrested by the FBI.

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