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  • Aliases: slow-chan, headphones chan, kikko, kikkomato, kikkobeam, motorkitty, kwee, kikko con carne, nichiyoubi no onna, pixelslug
  • Name: Alex
  • DOB: 1989-04-03
  • Location: St.Petersburg, Florida
  • School: Gibbs High School - St. Petersburg, FL (2004 - )


  • Started posting to /b/ around June 2006 and received a board on chanchan some time in July. Lost her board after disappearing like a retarded whore.


  • AIM: dj jynx 8D, Sensu no Sabaku, icha icha idiot, uchihore, kikkocakes, Mushii Jet, alex vs your mom, plastik arroganz, fade into beauty, AMAZING zenigata
  • MSN:
  • Email:,

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