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Crayola-chan, or sometimes mistaken as Crayon-chan, is a duck camwhore. She was not only younger than Loli-chan when she posted but she also answered to TITS OR GTFO.


  • Alias: Crayola-chan
  • Name: Sarah M
  • DOB: 1994
  • Location: New Jersey


Crayola-chan first appeared on /b/ in mid-January 2007. Desperate to reach "fame", she to called to /b/'s wishes (like every other camwhore).

The reason why she was dubbed Crayola-chan? She took 2 pictures of her sticking crayons in her bloody vagoo.

Random facts

  • Crayola-chan came out of the closet in 5th Grade.
  • She put the crayons she used in her vagoo back in the box, and has no idea which ones are tainted.
  • Bitch doesn't know how to take a picture.
  • Started school a year later than everyone else.
  • Not a virgin.
  • Father is a weeaboo.


The usual TITS OR GTFO was given, and she showed tits. Anonymous then went on to get vagoo and moar tits, but the loli got smart requested cock for moar. About 5 or 6 cocks were thrown at her before she posted moar tits.
I guess Crayola-chan has nothing better to do lately. Another appearance was made, Anonymous was cock-teased, and then Anonymous delivered the orignal set of bloody vagoo with crayon. Tits posted, mother approved.
Valentine's Day 2007
The lovely Crayola-chan had treated Anonymous nicely. Upon request, she had showed /b/ pictures of her loli vagoo and tits. In return, Anonymous showed pictures of themselves fapping to her.


  • AIM: lolixcrayon


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Crayola-chan is part of a series on

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