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circa 2010
circa 2005

Kandie is cute and posts on chanchan.


  • Location: Western Coast of Florida/ Central Florida
  • Occupation: College Grad/Corporate Desk worker. Model. Cosplayer. Nerd.


  • Began browsing 4chan sometime between her Sophomore and Junior years of High School after being introduced to it by one of her ex-boyfriends and his group of friends.
  • Lurked moar for a few months in /f/. Visited /b/ a few times but fled in horror.
  • Posted a few times under the name of "mew" (don't remember the tripcode though) on a few of the boards, but mostly lurked.
  • Became seriously involved in /b/ sometime around February 2005. Saw the rise of Era and Cracky-chan and wished to be a camwhore, too.
  • Posted herself several times, only to be faced with flaming /b/tards. Lurked more.
  • Figured she'd try her hand at camwhoring again in January 2006 when she was sick for 3 weeks with the flu / mono / strept throat (the doctors don't know what it was). She decided to get herself a new name first. So using the name "kandie" from her Candy Kid raver days, she posted herself on January 5th with the text "being sick's so boring". Popularity was gained.
  • Reposted a few times after her threads died. On one occasion moot commented on one of her threads.
  • Posted herself a few other times. Was unsuccessfully dubbed numerous -chan names. A few of them include Billboard-chan, Kike-chan, and Morman-chan.
  • Saw the rise of numerous other chans to grace their presence on 4chan. These include but are not limited to afro-chan, Up-chan, and Rabbit-chan.
  • Got bored with /b/ after it degraded into the mess it is today and migrated to various cam websites. Eventually she received her own chanchan board. Frequently goes on hiatus. Frequents conventions

Random Facts

  • Writes her name as "kandie"
  • Hardly ever uses punctuation on the Internet.
  • Likes to play dress up and do requests.
  • Currently models over at Cosplay Deviants.
  • Cosplays and travels to lots of conventions


  • Skype: dandygreaterthancolonthree

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