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circa 2010
circa 2005

Kandie is cute and posts on chanchan.


  • Location: Western Coast of Florida/ Central Florida
  • Occupation: College Grad/Corporate Desk worker. Model. Cosplayer. Nerd.


  • Began browsing 4chan sometime between her Sophomore and Junior years of High School after being introduced to it by one of her ex-boyfriends and his group of friends.
  • Lurked moar for a few months in /f/. Visited /b/ a few times but fled in horror.
  • Posted a few times under the name of "mew" (don't remember the tripcode though) on a few of the boards, but mostly lurked.
  • Became seriously involved in /b/ sometime around February 2005. Saw the rise of Era and Cracky-chan and wished to be a camwhore, too.
  • Posted herself several times, only to be faced with flaming /b/tards. Lurked more.
  • Figured she'd try her hand at camwhoring again in January 2006 when she was sick for 3 weeks with the flu / mono / strept throat (the doctors don't know what it was). She decided to get herself a new name first. So using the name "kandie" from her Candy Kid raver days, she posted herself on January 5th with the text "being sick sucks...it's so boring". Popularity was gained.
  • Reposted a few times after her threads died. On one occasion moot commented on one of her threads.
  • Posted herself a few other times. Was unsuccessfully dubbed numerous -chan names. A few of them include Billboard-chan, Kike-chan, and Morman-chan.
  • Saw the rise of numerous other chans to grace their presence on 4chan. These include but are not limited to afro-chan, Up-chan, and Rabbit-chan.
  • Got bored with /b/ after it degraded into the mess it is today and migrated to various cam websites. Eventually she received her own chanchan board. Frequently goes on hiatus. Frequents conventions

Random Facts

  • Writes her name as "kandie"
  • Hardly ever uses punctuation on the Internet.
  • Likes to play dress up and do requests.
  • Currently models over at Cosplay Deviants.
  • Cosplays and travels to lots of conventions


  • Skype: dandygreaterthancolonthree

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