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  • Alias: Togepi
  • DOB: April 30
  • Location: Cow Town, Appalachia


Originally posted on /tg/ by a certain someone, she was instantly met with either 'post more', or 'Penis or GTFO'. Unbeknown to aforementioned person, Togepi, before she was Togepi, also browsed chansluts, and instantaneously recognized her pictures. She quickly corrected the error, taking the opportunity to jump start her camwhore career on /fg/.

Now, this raised problems as upon posting on /fg/ received such comments as 'TRAP', and, once again, 'GTFO', not only by viewers but even the mods of chansluts itself. Through perseverance, she remained, still refusing to post full nudes, instead gaining skill points as a master of the tease. Slowly, but surely, as more pantie shots were revealed, she became akin to bread mold, slowly growing on people and gaining a fan base. More and more people began to be convinced she was indeed NOT a trap. Togepi, who went by the humble name of anonymous until being pressured into choosing an alias.

Comments on her threads skyrocketed, maxing out in a course of a week, sometimes even if only an average of 10 pictures were posted. Often time her threads became subject to idle discussions over a myriad of topics, sometimes not even related to Togepi herself.

While the occasion 'trap' comments still persisted, mainly due to the lack of vagina pictures, Togepi's fanbase continued to grow, a fanbase consisting of the normal folk, fellow camwhores, and even the occasional super creepy fanboy. It should be noted that the mods of chansluts worked diligently to delete the hater's posts off her thread. Suddenly, a surprise came one day when Togepi happened upon her thread:

She had her own board, and Togepi rejoiced. Her camwhoring had proven successful. Although, after a good stint, she realized life was catching up to her, and she did not have time to take pictures on a regular basis. As such, wanting to avoid accursed 'board syndrome', she asked to delete her board altogether. With fond memories of chansluts, she took to the skies, seeing what adventures awaited her beyond the clouds... alright, more took off to starve in college and work, as well as a boyfriend, but one day hopes to return; If not to a board, then perhaps the occasional random post on /fg/. Godspeed.


  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Cross dressers
  • Traps (Only Male to Female)
  • BDSM
  • Public Humilation
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, star gazing, and camping.
  • Green
  • Dying her hair
  • Lingerie
  • World of Warcrack
  • Most any RPG
  • There's more, but she's too lazy to list.


  • Anal sex, until proven otherwise. (Oh shit, my b/f got butt sex for his birthday. :O)
  • Victoria Secret's lingerie selection
  • Ageplay


  • Dream Theater
  • Trivium
  • Symphony X
  • Aqua
  • Johnny Cash
  • :Wumpscut:
  • Clinical Torment
  • Grendel
  • Circus Maximus
  • Pantera
  • Orgy
  • Disturbed
  • Nine Inch Nails

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