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FBI-chan's first ever post
FBI-chan's B& screen


  • Aliases: FBI-chan, 2401PenitentTangent
  • Name: "Kaede Nakajima"
  • DOB: February 13, 1986
  • Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia


FBI-chan first appeared on /b/ on July 23, 2006, posing as an FBI agent and was later perma-B&. Her thread managed to get close to 200 replies before the ban. Her initial set, along with general nudes, included pictures of her sticking brown wooden nunchucks into her cunt and ass hole. Because of the angle used and colour of the nunchuck the picture of the nunchuck in her ass looked like a large turd was coming out of her.

Some time after she was banned and started posting to chanchan she claimed she was hacked "due to a slipup when Ninja-kun (?) posted the wrong version of the B& screencap, revealing her IP before she had a chance to change it".

She claims to be Japanese-German though there is no proof.

Between the time when she started posting and the end of 2007 FBI-chan ran away from and came back to chansluts quite a few times.


  • Email: iherduliekmudkips@gmail.com
  • AIM: TsukikoSato

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