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Nanachan is a gorgeous camwhore that is completely made of win.

For a while, she was the ultimate /r/ taker. She did practically every /r/ asked. However, she disappeared without warning soon after. She made a semi-reappearance, but she basically retired from camwhoring on chanchan. She has been posting on 4chan's /soc/ since it was created.


  • She's a Libra
  • She likes talking to strangers
  • Now knows how to wear makeup
  • Almost fell off a bridge
  • Will talk about boobs with anyone


  • Cooking
  • Single Malt Scotch
  • British Television
  • Cats
  • Photography
  • Being nude


  • Her kitty
  • Plants
  • Fancy Lingerie
  • Books
  • Gingers
  • Tittays


  • Yellow
  • Tomatoes
  • Country Music
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Coconut

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