Chaser's War on Everything

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Jamie putting shoe on head.

The Chaser's War on Everything is a TV show. As an advertising campaign, the network hosted a webcam with Australians 24/7 on the air for two weeks prior to the show actually airing. On Saturday, March 18th, 2007, they allowed people to call in or send text messages to a cell phone while on the air. Naturally, /b/ called in numerous times, shouting /b/ memes at the phone and listening to the reactions.

Throughout the night and most of next morning, /b/ called continuously. The dumbass hosting the damn show (Jamie) actually did most of the shit, including a barrel roll, putting shoe on head, singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and arguing over whether or not diamonds are the hardest metal known to man.

All along the 4chan /b/ board, /b/tards were attempting to get one of our own on the show (they allowed anyone to volunteer for the show). However, being in Australia, resources were low and this did not happen.

The End


After about two and a half hours, the producer of the show demanded that Jamie come off the air and shut down the cell phone permanently, muttering the famous lines "Just turn it off". It was here that /b/ declared victory.

However, about ten minutes later some dumb blond bitch showed up and fucked everything up. Although she had the phone, it remained off, with her claiming "she didn't know how to turn it on," which was bullshit, as she'd done it earlier in the show. She answered two phone calls - one was unintelligible and another where the caller screamed "exterminate the Jews" in german. The raid was over, but it was a victory for /b/ - the host had been removed and the phone virtually gone.

There was another invasion planned for the next week (March 24th), but by then the phone was completely removed from the show, and nothing could be done.

However, text messages to the phone used on the show (042-487-5224 - this is an Australian number, so beware of long distance charger) still go through, but yield no response.

Chaser's War on Everything
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