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On June 17, 2006, a few anonymous /b/tards, later revealed to have gone by the names Captain Cornflake and "Emperor Hindmost," judging by victory posters that were posted in the later hours of the crapflood, started a minor crapflood at Zelda Guide Forums out of boredom. It wasn't long before a few of the members of Zelda Guide got pissed, and claimed they would hack 4chan. News of this spread to /b/, and the legion of Anonymous flooded into Zelda Guide in a massive crapflood attack that lasted for multiple hours since the mod team was inactive. Screen By the time the mods started IP banning 4chan members, the damage was extensive, with hundreds of posts containing classic /b/ memorbilia like horsecock, goatse, tubgirl and Zelda porn.

Throughout the night and the next day, Zelda Guide would be the recipient of three more subsequent crapflood attacks, resulting in what rough estimates have gathered to be around 200 new members and thousands of posts. One mod in particular was helpless to /b/'s collective wrath, and begged them to stop, even offering to create them a new board to spam in for themselves. This was of course rejected and replied to with a flurry of porn and gore.

Since then, Zelda Guide has turned on admin validation for all new accounts in order to prevent another attack. However, this measure also halts the already pathetic trickle of legit new user registrations enough that anon can claim epic victory.

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