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Everyone hates a feminist.

Biting Beaver, The

The keeper of a radical feminist blog of the same name, zeroed in on by /b/ for /b/lockadement after annoymous brought to /b/'s attention, a long list of behaviors and scenario's she considered rape. As rape is a recurrent theme in the pornography popular on 4chan, anonymous was amused by the lists comprehensive nature and controversial assertions considering anonymous's politically incorrect sense of humour and /b/lockadement of The Biting Beaver and her affiliates commenced at the beginning of August, 2006. The raids were seemingly ineffectual against the blogs of the femininny's since they had only to turn on moderation to keep the disruption from public view, however the comments from serious users that were allowed through demonstrated the community's introverted nature and incomprehension of the /b/lockadement and 4chan culture which only encouraged annoymous further. Raids against forums the community used to organize their activism were considerably more sucessful. A meme related to the list arose, parodying it, where one would condemn anything that one would allege to be inappropriate, annoying or innane to be rape.

53. If you think of a girl naked and she doesn't know you're still a rapist.
56. Toilet seat up? You're a rapist.
58. If you pick a fire-type Pokemon on your first playthrough of any Pokemon game you're a rapist.
63. Paddling the school canoe? You're a rapist.
70. Teabagging isn't rape. It's funny. If you don't think it's funny you're a rapist.

To circumvent the countermeasures the bloggers took, some raiders began to submit satirical anti-pornography, pro-matriarchal rants through the hopes of slipping comments past the moderators. One /b/tard even made a post in serious defence of /b/ in hopes of helping the feminazi's to better understand 4chan culture. It is understood some webmasters are seeking legal advice and have set up an email address to report any instances of /b/lockadement. It immediately became a major target for flooding.

Putting the "Fist" in "Pacifist"

On July 15, 2006, Mary, another feminist blogger (and friend of The Biting Beaver) was lounging around her apartment complex's pool, when some man tried to strike up a conversation with her. Disgusted that someone with a penis would dare initiate contact, asking her about the book she was reading (which she interpreted as demands she give up her vagina), she responded the only logical way - by ignoring him completely. After a few attempts at smalltalk, the guy got understandably frustrated, and began telling her that the pool was closed, and that she should get the fuck out.

A few weeks later, an eagle-eyed /b/tard noticed the post and brought it to /b/'s attention. Pool's Closed, he reasoned, couldn't possibly be a coincidence. This frigid bitch had ignored one of us, and she has insulted all of us. The invasion began first with some chants of "POOL'S CLOSED DUE TO AIDS", then some serious(ish) posts concerned for her health and suggesting that the next time someone warns her that a pool has AIDS, that she should thank him for his concern, and then some full-on guro copypasta with her name substituted in. At first, she actually tried responding the the posts, but shortly after, gave up, turned off comments, and deleted everything, including her own posts on the subject.

The following morning, she posted a followup wherein she took some copypasta out of context and then took the statement telling her she took it out of context out of context. Then, without saying a word, she vanished.

Feminist Blog Invasions
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