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Code Geass - Lelouche of the Rebellion is $unrise's fall 2006/spring 2008 project created by the writer for Planetes with character designs by CLAMP, which explains the intense dramatic beginning as well as the FABULOUS-looking character designs (Suzaku even resembles Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles). With inspiration from Gundam SEED and Death Note but including more interesting role reversals, universal pandering, rollerskating robots and humor, among other elements, the series appealed to Anonymous and gained a following. But the show arguably took a turn for the worse -or at least for the crazy- at one point, either in the second half of the first season or somewhere in the second series, depending on your POV. Either way, what a lot of people already considered a melodramatic and highly-entertaining series turned into a mess where the sheer insanity became fun to watch, both in addition to and instead of its other merits and flaws. Several viewers felt this made the show a "train wreck" and kept watching to see how bad it could get, while others in the community who still liked the series joined in the experience out of interest, fascination and frustration. Both critics and supporters couldn't help laughing at the physics-bending antics, the ridiculous plot twists and arguing over all the surprises the show was throwing at them. That combination fueled the constant /a/ floods and 100+ post discussions about every single thing that makes Code Geass such a dripping mess of fun, for better or for worse. It is pretty much mandatory viewing, including for catching any of the shitstorms as well as understanding what inspired a few subsequent Sunrise anime. And along with its Death Note-rivaling popularity come many memes that are used to discuss either the better times, its lost potential, the trainwreck factor, what people actually liked about it or anything else you can think of.
Warning: This article is SPOILER-heavy.


The green-haired immortal witch whom which blesses Lelouch with the power of the king. Pronounced "See-two".
Pizza Butt 
Nickname for C.C., as she is frequently seen eating Pizza Hut pizza and wearing a skin-tight Spandex costume that nearly shows the crack of her ass. The joke is that constantly eating pizza supposedly gives her a big butt. She eventually orders enough pizza to receive a Cheese-kun doll.
Pizza Hut the anime 
Nickname for Code Geass which has subliminal Pizza Hut advertisements in random scenes.

Code Trainwreck

A fairly self-explanatory nickname that Code Geass initially picked up at some indeterminate point in time but caught on during the second season, when a widespread -though still often disputed- perception rose in the fanbase that it had degenerated into a poorly-plotted mess, but like a "trainwreck" it was supposedly something you couldn't stop watching. The nickname became ever more popular as new episodes aired, with even more WTF plot twists and characters who seemed to have died turning out out to be alive after all. Eventually one fan's explanation was that Geass was a trainwreck that Sunrise was trying to fix by throwing more trains at it. Yet, curiously enough, since the final episode of the series was surprisingly competent and praised by /a/ some ultimately believe they did manage to write themselves out of it at the very end.


Slang for the Japanese. The nation of Britannia (an alternate universe version of BritainAMERIKKKA) at one point in history evolved into a superpower and conquered the world. Part of its foreign policy is to promote social inequality, whereby annexed countries and their people are rebranded with numbers to distinguish them from their natural superiors: Japan is "Area 11" and its people "Elevens" and do "Eleven" things.
From the start of Code Geass, many expected the term to become a popular meme, due to Anonymous's notoriously love-hate attitude toward all things Weeaboo. However it was surprisingly slow to catch on, until its popularity skyrocketted in the face of the Euphinator incident. Ever since, referring to Japanese (and especially Japanese fans, whose taste Anonymous tends to regard as far inferior to its own) as "Elevens" has become typical on both /a/ and /m/. Especially when a new Japanese character poll comes out and highly ranks characters that are hated on 4chan.

Emperor of Britannia

The mighty emperor of the world's superpower. Even though he is the supposed main villain in Code Geass, he is favored among Anonymous simply for being awesome, being VERY MELON, and most importantly being voiced by NORIO WAKAMOTO. Originator of the ultimate comeback: "What of it?"

Euphemia Li Britannia

The Euphienator in action
Also known as "Euphie", the initially was nice, sweet, utterly boring spoiled princess. Originally, probably the only Anonymous who really cared about her were the ones wanting to see incest between her and her half-brother, Lelouch Lamperouge (or her extremely hot, badass, and possibly bisexual older sister Cornelia Li Britannia). As was the case with Kaede Fuyou, her popularity skyrocketed due to her unexpected and intense bloodlust. In her Geass-induced state, Euphie slaughtered approximately 200,000 "Elevens" within the span of about five minutes. She is now also known as "genocide-tan" or "the Euphienator". Commonly used to sage posts made by "Japanese posters".

fansubbers = stupid

Don't post on 4ch.
A minor fansub drama meme started by the assholes at gg-fansubs. gg pissed off /a/ (and a good portion of the intarwebs) with their incessant efforts to sabotage users of VideoLan (VLC) Media Player. While widely considered to be a shitty player, it is also multi-functional and is most popular among Anonymous for taking screenshots to post on 4chan. Attempts to troll VLC users can be traced back through the group's history, though at first they were a mere nuisance, usually taking the form of comments by "bear" that broke the subtitle parsing when played in VLC (though otherwise invisible in any other player). gg recieved much complaints about these comments, sometimes from 4channers (though the majority of /a/ssholes could have cared less, Code Geass dialogue moved so quickly it was hardly worth the trouble to bitch) and more frequently from AnimeSuki or otherwise large weeaboo infested communities. Nevertheless, gg chose to target 4chan and during their sub of Code Geass 14, put in a translator's note regarding the spelling of the old axiom "just deserts". The note was addressed to a "4ch", warning it to not say "fansubbers = stupid" and ending in a cited source. As a sort of self-fufilling prophecy, "fansubbers = stupid" became an instant meme, and gg went under even more fire for attempting to defend themselves ex ante when no one would have given a shit otherwise.


The first line of lyrics from the first opening theme COLORS by FLOW. Obligatory posted at the start of every Dub Geass thread. As it is considered vastly superior to the second opening (whose singer sings indecipherable and ear-piercing words), Anonymous joyously sings along cherishing the moments before the inevitable change.


During the first opening of R2 you briefly see Jeremiah walking on a beach while the song goes "I continue to fight"x3, which implies that he is immortal since the audience has already assumed that he was killed off twice during the first season and returns for the second season. /a/ was dissapointed that the second opening lacked "I continue to fight".


Sprung up before R2 ep15, where upon its single frame preview we could see Clovis from the depths of C.C.'s memories. Coupled with the anticipation of Marianne's return, many anonymous were prepared for a shit-breaking revelation episode. This led to creating a dedicated following on /a/ that predicted Clovis to return from his death in episode 3 to fuck shit up in R2. Of course, this obviously did not come into fruition, but nonetheless a vocal group of loyal subjects still supports his Majesty to this very day
Also, /a/ was the production of much lulz and trolling when over a thousand anonymous joined together to raid an official Bandai U.S. character poll, placing Clovis and Rivalz in 1st and 2nd respectively ahead of what was supposed to be Lelouch and C.C.'s position. They also managed to get Shirley in the top 5 seeing how she is useless and dead and all.


Derogatory name for Kaname Ougi, the Secretary General of the Order of the Black Knights and officially Zero's second in command. Like other anime traitors, Ougi's actions were incomprehensible to much of /a/ and his emotional outbursts struck many Anonymous as hard "baaaaawing". Almost overnight, Ougi lost almost all fans who sympathized with him and his relationship with Viletta, becoming the most hated character in all of Geass (even more than Suzaku). He's called Jewgi not only because jews have traditionally been responsible for many of humanity's greatest follies, but hecause he wears a Star of Davis on his normal clothes and his hair puffs up like an afro, a prime characteristic of der jew.


See Dub Geass episode 1.


An older teenager who can't get over how his daddy doesn't like him and his mommy's death, so he organizes a rebellion against his country and pulls off all sorts of crazy stunts against his enemies, often involving brainwashing and using terrain as a weapon. Despite the fact that he is considered the smart character on the show, he exhibits limited foresight and usually manages to get his plans crushed one way or another. He is lacking in any physical abilities, which the show plays for humor, and cannot even outmaneuver a man in a full-body cast. A confirmed faggot. But he was a FABULOUS magnificent bastard that /a/ rallied around and many anons genuinely missed when he died (OR DID HE?).
Also voiced by JOHNNY YONG BOSCH in Dub Geass.
A minor meme based on the Death Note meme. Also as of R2 ep13, another minor meme of the same style appeared as *HEAVY SPOILERS* FUCK YEAH ROLO, SHIRLEY DIES or ROLO LIED, SHIRLEY DIED, LELOUCH CRIED , mostly due to a prophecy in another thread that Shirley would live. Later turned into OUGI LIED, ROLO DIED and other variations. *HEAVY SPOILERS*


Jeremiah, who started out as an unlikable racist villain that was amusingly labelled ORANGE by Lelouch when first trolled near the start of the series, became increasingly popular among Anonymous when he returned as a over-the-top cyborg. Orange-kun eventually joined up with Lelouch out of LOYALTY and all the feats he performed were celebrated by /a/ from then on, culminating in his retiring to live in an orange farm of all places.


See R2 "Love Attack" (the one with asshats). Comes from a line spoken by a debut seiyuu in her role as Meeya, a random purple-haired healthy girl who stole Lulu's asshat only to be geassed into returning it. A fresh fifteen-year-old voice rang through the hearts of Anonymous everywhere only that who knows when she will appear again to give another ear orgasm.


Fighting for the Momeland of Britainia, Suzaku is a classic newtype character with a strong moral streak. Beyond his superb abilities in a mech, he is known for physical h4X, such as wall running and 1280˚spin-kicks. Though many of the mainstream fans of Code Geass get upset by his shitting up Lulu's plans, his antics are most often met with laughter and approval by /a/. Suzaku in R2 is a confirmed badass. Might be a faggot, but seems to lean both ways.
You spin me right round, baby. Right round...
A shop meme, spawned on 11 April 2008 after the airing of Code Geass R2 episode two. Kururugi Suzaku, well known to /a/ as a faggot with a disgusting affinity for bending the laws of physics, did a quadruple flying kick to Lelouch during their climatic standoff at the end of the first season. The move was somehow more outrageous than any of Suzaku's previous physical feats, garnering great lulz for the many /a/ssholes. However, it was initially hilarious to /a/ssholes because a still shot of the kick makes him look like a ballerina.
Upon watching Dub Geass episode 1, it was revealed that he has ALREADY done a quadruple flying kick to Lelouch during their first meeting. This should not have surprised Anonymous, but it did. Fucking Spinzaku defying the laws of physics since day one.
Noodle Jesus 
Nickname for Suzaku since the very beginning of the series. Named after Kira "Jesus" Yamato of Gundam SEED Destiny as Suzaku bares an uncanny resemblance as well as share many common traits as what is likely the design he was based on. CLAMP designed him, thus the "Noodle".
Darth Suzaku 
A second nickname for Suzaku mostly describing his second season's characters and behaviors. He turns from a hated moralfag to a hated villain who fucks up everything around him being the hypocrite that he is. He has also killed his own father, lost his pseudo-girlfriend, and kidnaps his best friend's willing blind sister. His latest acts of hypocrisy includes turning the tables on a captured Kallen and letting Shirley out of his sight.
A nickname given to Suzaku whenever he puts on his civilian clothes including a pair of sunglasses.
Mary Suzaku 
Combination of Mary Sue and Suzaku. This rarely used nickname references the fact that despite being a low class Brittanian, he gets more benefits than the Brittanian royalty themselves (examples include permission to pilot Lancelot and becoming a Knight).
In R2 episode 14 Suzaku attempts to drug Kallen with the drug "refrain" to get her to reveal Zero's true identity, as he suspect that Lelouch might be Zero again. This further fueled the Suzaku hate. The fact that Suzaku decided against drugging Kallen did nothing to alleviate the hate, and there was much cheering when Kallen responded to his apology by kicking his ass. Suzaku probably enjoyed it, though.
From the R2 ending, where Lelouch dies (allegedly) and Suzaku is forced to live out the rest of his life using Lelouch's "Zero" identity.


Highly popular Engrish catchphrase used by the soldiers of Britannia. Can be replaced by HAPPILY YOUR HIGHNESS and other variations, but it is a must post in every Code Geass episode thread. Especially used to support every Norio Wakamoto thread.
Also including its later variant, ALL HAIL LELOUCH
The Momeland 
Comes from the oath Britannian soldiers have to swear to show their allegiance to Britannia. Despite the grammar being perfect, it gets fucked up by the typo "momeland" which should be "homeland". Though, anon has pointed out that it may be a combination of the words "home" and "motherland".

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