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Alex has the firm, toned build of an athlete, standing 5’11” tall and weighing in at about 150 pounds. His hair is a golden blond, cut about 2 inches long on average, longer in the front and shorter in the back. A stubborn ahoge adorns the top of his head, while the front of his hairstyle sweeps forward and slightly to the right, out to nearly an inch in front of his forehead almost like a visor. Alex’s eyes are a bright violet hue, deep and very expressive. Outside of his pilot suit, he wears a uniform consisting of a white shirt with a blue vest over it and matching blue pants. He also wears a chain around his neck that has on it a small violet gemstone, a keepsake he’s had ever since he was a child. The stone is shaped like a three-pointed star, as if it were made of three crescents joined at the points and with the curve going inward. In the center is a hole that the chain is passed through.


Alex is perhaps best described as a super robot pilot piloting a real-type. He's a laid-back guy most of the time, with a quick tongue but not an overly malicious wit. Given indication that someone isn't an enemy, he's usually friendly towards them from the get-go, and will be unless something happens to change his opinion of them. To those he's close with, he's universally kind and concerned for the well-being of those he loves. Alex occassionally seems stupid, in a very comic-relief manner, but this is something of a ruse - he plays the fool, hiding a deep level of wisdom and a solid intellect. Once things get serious, his shounen hero side comes out, as he becomes a fierce and effective fighter specializing in close-range combat. Out of his unit, he tends to lead, though not out of rank but rather out of sheer presence. In short, the typical hero-type and proud of it.


  • Kerykeion Mark II: For the journey from Earth to the moon, and partway back, Alex pilots a standard-issue Kerykeion Mark II. It is damaged heavily in a battle with pursuing opponents early during the return to Earth, and is discarded in favor of the Mark III.
  • Kerykeion Mark III: After his Mark II is damaged, Alex promptly hijacks and relaunches in the prototype Mark III. Over the course of the journey back, the unit is gradually completed, and it serves as his personal unit for the remainder of the war.
  • Armada: A custom Kerykeion given to Alex in the second season after his Mark III is trashed. Tailored specifically to his fighting style, it serves as his personal unit for the duration of the second season.

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