Kerykeion Mark II

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Developed by Corusa Industries as a refinement on the original Kerykeion, the Kerykeion Mark II is a mass-production model AT designed as an all-purpose ground trooper.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with a specialty in close combat.
  • Battery-operated with an operating time of three hours on a single charge with normal combat activity.
  • Stands 18 meters at attention.
  • Capable of jumping up to 300 meters, but incapable of flight. Thrust is provided via verniers located in each foot, knee, and on the back.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in upper chest.


  • Four beam submachine guns mounted two on each wrist. An improvement over the gatling guns of the original Kerykeion, the beam weapons make the frame lighter as a result of not needing to carry ammunition.
  • Folding blade mounted along the right forearm, which flips out for close-combat. The blade is anti-beam coated to penetrate energy field defenses and clash against beam sabers, and is longer than the Kerykeion's twin swords.


  • 2-inch Titanitefloalloy armor plating, good for protection against all degrees of small-arms fire and most solid-state ammunition.

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