Sera and Reese Ryship

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Sera and Reese are the twin bridge bunnies serving onboard the Arbalest.


Both Sera and Reese stand 5’11”, weighing around 130 pounds. Their eyes are dark brown, while their hair color is the only thing different between them - Sera's is a light brown color, while Reese dyes hers white. That said, they have been known to trade colors (and identities). They wear their hair in a style akin to a broken eggshell. As bridge officers, they wear matching uniforms - light gray vests over white shirts and matching gray shorts, with white stockings.


It almost seems like Sera and Reese are the same person at times - both are wildcats by nature, and nurture has done little to hinder this. As a result, they have the tendency to serve as comic relief, being both flirtatious and prone to running their mouths. Their habits of dressing as one another don't help.



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