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Developed by Corusa Industries to support the Kerykeion Mark II, the Arcenciel is a light anti-armor tank designed for ground artillery.

General Specifications

  • Mid-long-range artillery support unit.
  • Battery-operated with an operating time of five hours on a single charge with normal combat activity, less if the spectrum cannon is overused.
  • Stands 5 meters, measuring 12 meters in length.
  • Capable of 180-degree turning via verniers on sides.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in center.


  • Four beam submachine guns mounted two on either side of the main chassis. The Arcenciel's larger battery allows it to mount stronger guns, on par with those of the Kerykeion Mark III.
  • Wide-range spectrum cannon mounted on top - a versatile artillery weapon, the cannon can fire a thin laser for maximum penetration or a wide-area sweep for maximum damage to grouped enemies.


  • 6-inch Titanitefloalloy armor plating, providing protection against nearly all forms of solid-state projectiles and low-grade beam weaponry.

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