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An AT developed by Yui Laryandor, Pheora is an example of why you shouldn't make her angry. It was built in a single night after Reese Ryship made the mistake of commenting that she was "The Chick", and served as Yui's personal unit for the remainder of the conflict. In almost all respects, it is far superior to the Kerykeion Mark III, but being customized specially for Yui's use its systems are too complex for almost anyone else to pilot, and as a result it was never mass-produced.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with a focus on mid-long range.
  • Baryonic Drive grants a trans-finite power supply, allowing unlimited combat operation as long as the pilot does not expend too much energy at once.
  • Stands 18 meters at attention.
  • Capable of unlimited flight both in and out of atmosphere as a result of gravitational field disruption around the unit.
  • Capable of transformation into a birdlike Cruise Mode for high-speed maneuvers, with a top speed of Mach 8.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in upper chest.


  • Four beam submachine guns mounted two on each wrist. With the energy restrictions of batteries lifted, the beams possess far greater penetrative power and range than those of the Mark II's.
  • Four beam talons mounted two on each arm - a shortened beam saber designed for CQC, the beam talons are more effective against conventional armor than a physical blade but can be deflected by energy shields or anti-beam coating.
  • Four "Feather Fang" remote weapons mounted on the wings - based on the funnel pods of the Streik Falken, a design Yui admires, the Feather Fangs take advantage of the Baryonic Drive's energy production to result in a much smaller and more compact design. Each one is mounted with a beam talon as well as a low-caliber beam rifle.


  • 2-inch Titanitefloalloy armor plating, good for protection against all degrees of small-arms fire and most solid-state ammunition.

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