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Developed by Corusa Industries to serve as an all-purpose aerial superiority craft, the Streik Falken is an advanced jet fighter built to fulfill a variety of aerial combat roles.

General Specifications

  • All-range aerial unit, with capability to serve as a bomber with optional equipment.
  • Battery-operated with a maximum operational time of five hours, fewer with overuse of weaponry.
  • Runs 20 meters from nose to tail.
  • Top speed of Mach 5, with thrust provided by boosters in the rear chassis.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit just in front of upper wings.


  • Four beam submachine guns mounted two on each side. As energy is more of a concern for a Falken than for a Kerykeion or Arcenciel, the beams are much less powerful.
  • Four plasma cannons mounted one on each wing. The cannons have great penetrative power, and are useful for attacking larger craft.
    • Lower two cannons are actually detachable funnel pods, experimental weapons that can be guided remotely. Most pilots can only handle two even with computer assistance - rare pilots with the ability to think in three dimensions intuitively can handle twice that or even more.
  • Nose doubles as a high-shear impact weapon for cleaving through slow-moving enemy targets.


  • 1-inch Titanitefloalloy armor plating, good for protection against all degrees of small-arms fire and some solid-state ammunition.

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