Kerykeion Mark III

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The prototype AT developed on the moon, the Kerykeion Mark III is the potential salvation of mankind. It is the first AT to possess a Baryonic Drive, a newly-developed baryofission reactor that frees it from the energy constraints of batteries and gives it power enough to combat the strongest XMs. This same drive, however, is a weakness in its early appearances, as the drive's byproducts saturate the frame and exit from the joints, releasing a blue-white mist that puts enormous strain on the frame after a certain period of combat operation. This is eventually countered with a specialized vent on the right arm specifically designed to channel and release this mist, relieving the frame.

General Specifications

  • All-range combat unit, with specialty depending on equipment.
  • Baryonic Drive grants a trans-finite power supply, allowing unlimited combat operation as long as the pilot does not expend too much energy at once.
  • Stands 18 meters at attention.
  • Capable of jumping up to 300 meters, and able to hover at that height with the aid of a thruster pack. Thrust is provided via verniers located in each foot, elbow, and on the back.
  • One pilot seated in cockpit in upper chest.


  • Four beam submachine guns mounted two on each wrist. With the energy restrictions of batteries lifted, the beams possess far greater penetrative power and range.
    • With completed equipment, mounts eight.
  • Stopgap equipment includes a Buster Sword mounted on right shoulder, serving as a boson sink as well as a potent melee weapon, in addition to two high-power rifles.
  • Completed equipment includes a non-folding armblade mounted on right arm, providing a vent for bosons and strengthened close-range combat capabilities as well as four additional beam submachine guns.


  • 2-inch Titanitefloalloy armor plating, good for protection against all degrees of small-arms fire and most solid-state ammunition.

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